Citrus Valley showcases Peter and the Star Catchers


Citrus Valley High School’s Blackhawk Theatre Company just opened its 2016-17 show season with its honor musical Peter and the Starcatcher. The show opened on Friday, September 23rd and closed Saturday, October 1st, running over the two weekends.

Peter is the prequel story to the well-known and beloved Peter Pan and tells how the character came to be. It is a simplistic yet beautiful show, where the actors seamlessly flow from their characters into the set, helping with movements and the general shaping of the environment. When asked about how they felt about the show, an audience member stated, “I absolutely adored it. The actors played the roles so believably and the sets were so cool.”

The show takes place on two ships, The Neverland and The Wasp, and an island which would later become known as Neverland. It follows the story of a 13 year old orphan who, with the help of his two friends, Prentiss and Ted, aid a young girl named Molly Aster on her quest to safely transport a dangerous substance called starstuff to her father, so he can dispose of it. The orphan boy would later become known as Peter Pan, as he was given the name by the show’s antagonist, Blackstache, and a mermaid, Teacher.

Another audience member stated that “the casting of this show was awesome, they were amazing in their role.” Our main protagonist, Peter, was played by Junior Lucas Campion, Molly was played by Senior Denali Linton, Blackstache by Senior Raphael Berglas, Prentiss by Senior Andrew Olson, and Ted by Sophomore Daniel, or D.W. Hernandez. There were so many stellar cast members, and anyone who was able to see the show definitely had a real treat from it.

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