Advanced Women’s Ensemble Has Successful Choir Retreat


The last weekend of September, director Rita Stevens took the Advanced Women’s Ensemble on the 29th REV Choral Retreat. The experience was an incredible opportunity for the aspiring musicians in AWE, giving them not only the ability to exceed in their art, but also the opportunity to get to know each other and strengthen the choir’s dynamics through bonding.

The retreat began when the girls took a bus up to The Arrowhead Ranch at around 3:30 Friday afternoon. There, they learned half of the choreography to their show as well as a portion of the music. Choreographer Eve Newman lead a twelve hour dance rehearsal which broke for lunch and dinner. The girls are extremely excited about the music in their show this year and are expectantly zealous about  competing in show choir competitions throughout Southern California. After the fire-ring activity (an AWE tradition where the girls share their thoughts on the retreat) all of the girls felt that they had gained familial bonds that will strengthen the proactiveness and success of the choir.

Rita Stevens believes that the AWE’s Retreat “could not have gone smoother.” The choir program has grown significantly in numbers since last year; and because of the dedication of the members of the school’s advanced groups, it will prove to be a very busy and iconic year. AWE’s retreat started the year off with a bang; with a strong show theme and a whole lot of talent, the choir looks forward to their potential success at competitions. Until then, they participate in Tuesday night practices and any opportunity they have to improve.

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