Column: Learning to Grow Up

“The Maintenance Guy” Helps Improve Our School Experience


Did the water turn off? Call the maintenance guy! Did the lights go out? Call the maintenance guy! Are the bells off schedule? Call the maintenance guy!

Our schools often run across problems like these. There are issues at every school regarding plumbing, electricity, etc. Whenever this happens, the first person we call is always “the maintenance guy.” Chris Kivett is the “maintenance guy” at Redlands East Valley. His duties include taking care of our students and teachers at REV and ensuring that the day goes by smoothly. Kivett demonstrated this daily goal when he stated that when the students and teachers “…are able to go about their day…” the custodians and staff are “doing pretty good.” He further went on to say that, “if the students don’t notice…” him or any of the custodians throughout the day, they must be efficiently “…doing [their] job.” This not only shows the humility that custodians and maintenance worker have, but also the usual under-appreciation that they experience. To further emphasize the point, Chris Kivett states that he arrives to work everyday, “at six until 2:30.” This shows his diligence in his effort and his dedication to each and every successful day at REV for the students and teachers.

Whether you attend REV, CVHS or OHS, try to notice the little things. These workers come day after day to make sure that we have a good learning environment and are comfortable at school. If we didn’t have these devoted workers committing themselves to our school, not only would we be swamped in trash, but we would also run across problems with the school functioning correctly. The air conditioning, the bell schedule, the refrigerators and plumbing, these are all things we rely on to go about our day smoothly. Without our custodians, maintenance guys and lunch servers, school would have a whole different culture. Chris Kivett is an example to show that the small jobs ultimately weigh so much in our daily routines and it takes much more dedication and effort than given credit for.

So, notice the little things. In the long run, they make a big difference in our lives.

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