Column: Here’s the Thing

Dear Reader 


Last Publication I published an article in which I stated my opinion on some of the school’s actions regarding traffic safety. While some people may disagree with my opinion or misunderstand me for a negative person, they could not be more off. 

Here is the thing: I don’t complain aimlessly for the sake of complaining; far from it. I complain because our system is, unfortunately, flawed and is in desperate need to be set right. As with anything that needs fixing, we must first know what is wrong with it. That, my dear reader, is why I must speak out.

Many people know that our system has many faults, however, there exist a myriad of flaws that are not addressed. Either because people are not aware of them, or because those who are in charge are not willing to do anything about it. Not only does this hold back our society and refrain it from improving, it is also unfair to everyone, especially those who are working towards a better society.

That is why I complain. I want nothing but to make our society better. In order to do that, we all need to make sure to inform everyone about the flaws and faults in our system, so that together we can move forward to the next step and take our society to a new level.

Unfortunately, one of the major flaws in our society, is people calling people, like myself, haters or pessimists even though we are only trying to help. That can make people live in a constant fear of stating the faults of our society, and effectively delaying its advancement.

Nevertheless, my dear readers and fellow students, we should never cover the truth in order to avoid judgment. In fact, we should do the exact opposite, and seek a better society regardless of the cost.  

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