Being the top dog on campus: Pros and cons of senior year


Everybody knows that senior year is supposed to be the best year of your  high school career. You are on your way to graduating and ready to take the next step in life, whatever that may be for you. Everyone has different experiences and problems during their final run through the school year. Here is a list of different things to come, both good and bad.

1.) Easy Classes: As the school year has begun you have already taken most of the the classes you need. You can either have a no first or sixth period, or you can continue with a full schedule. So as it stands the first pro of senior year is having an easier schedule than in previous years.

​2.) You Already Know The Game: Let’s be real. You’re in your final run. You already know how everything works. You know how rallies and other events like homecoming work whether or not you have attended. The school year can be mostly predictable when you know what events are around the corner.

​3.) Making Memories: As stated before, your senior year is the best year of high school. You have clubs or sports to give you something to look forward to throughout your day. Your extra curricular activity is something you have done for most of your high school career. And you have probably become friends with your teammates. You all have been there to share laughs, shed a few tears, and hang out with each other outside of practice. You have all been together through all the victories and losses. And you never will forget any of these moments together.

4.) Graduation: Last but not least. The moment we have all been waiting for. GRADUATION! Ever since your freshman year, it’s all you ever wanted as a high schooler. You have seen three classes before you come and go and now it is your turn to leave behind the juniors and underclassmen. No more homework. No more having to get up early. No more having to sit through boring lectures for eight hours of your life. Now you will walk across the stage take your diploma and become a high school graduate. And it feels so satisfying. This is the most exciting thing about senior year.  

1.) Leaving friends behind: As the old saying goes, “the friends you make in high school are the friends you have for your life.” Although this may be true, once you leave high school, you may not ever get back in touch with your friends. Even if you did, it would probably be a brief rundown of your life. Depending on where your future takes you later in life, friends from high school become merely memories. They will no longer be connected to you and because of that, many friends are lost. This takes courage, considering that you may have gone through the whole process of growing up with them and they won’t be there anymore.

​2.) Classes: No matter how easy classes are classes. You have to sit through the entire period and you still have work to do. It’s the final push but you have already dedicated the last 3 years of high school dealing with classwork and homework and you are most likely sick and tired of doing all those papers.

​3.) No sleeping in (yet): Unless you don’t have a first period, chances are you still have to get up fairly early. And as we all know everyone loves sleep. You probably have five alarms to wake you up every five minutes that you put on snooze and dismiss. You want to hang on to the warmth of the covers and get that extra minute of sleep. But then you remember that you still have school and have to drag yourself out of bed. This is most likely a factor in why you can’t wait for graduation.

4.) Senioritis ( No care in the world): You have class in fifteen minutes but you want Starbucks. Class? Or Starbucks? Your interest in school has declined and you don’t even want to go. This is the disease known as SENIORITIS. At this point you are debating with yourself going through every excuse in the book of why you don’t have to go to school today. But you convince yourself to be a good student and go to school. Once you are there, you immediately regret the decision and complain the rest of the day.

These are the things you may experience your senior year of high school, but no matter what happens make it a great year.

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