REV’s Band Shows Talent


This year the Redlands East Valley Marching Wildcats have been hard at work for their 2016-17 season where they will be performing their show In the Heights. Their show is based on the broadway musical of the same name by Lin-Manuel Miranda and features songs such as Sunrise, It Won’t Be Long Now, The Club, and When You’re Home.  

Head band drum major Dorie Cranfill has stated that this year’s group is “more motivated but needs work” and that they are “very good players”. Others in the group such as Leslie Garcia has said that they are “looking forward to the outcome because [they] have had a good start” and that if they “stay consistent with [their] work [they] will go far.” When asking Visual caption head instructor Brayan Rubio – who is in charge of the drill spots for the band, colorguard, and percussion band – about what he liked in the show so far, he stated that “the club scene is really upbeat and groovy and makes you want to dance.”

This means that band director Mr. Brian Hollett’s choice in music has been doing just what it was supposed to. When asked about the choice in this year’s show music he stated he “ thought it would be challenging and fun for the students to play and entertaining for the audience to listen to.” Students like Jacob Wills-Brennan agree with the comment and responded with that he “really like the music ‘cause it’s salsa and Latin themed music.”

Many students have shared their hopes for the season and right now the biggest goal: GET TO CHAMPIONSHIPS. In preparation for their first big performance on September 24th, they have continued working hard. On Friday September 16th, they performed their show during halftime at the REV vs. Heritage football game and afterwards got comments from the crowd.

Audience members such as Carolynee Duarte and Mckenna Williamson “thought that show, the band, and guard were amazing” and Zachary Heaton and Jordan Humphries thought “the show was good but could be louder.” Even those who weren’t able to see the performance such as Officer Perry Davis who “ was able to hear it and thought it sounded great like always.”
While the Marching Wildcats have some things to work on, they are kicking off their season with a bang.

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