How REV Coaches have Come to Love Basketball


Coaches have always been known to put their full effort into teaching their players to play a sport with passion. The reason for their persistence and faith is because they once were dedicated players themselves.

The basketball coaches at Redlands East Valley High School were asked about their history with basketball. Coach Mike Aranda, Bill Berich, and Jim Simpson have given answers which demonstrate their dedication and commitment to knowing basketball inside and out.

Coach Aranda, who has coached as the freshman assistant, JV assistant, JV Head Coach, and finally Varsity assistant is getting ready to begin his eighteenth year as a coach. When he was questioned of his history with basketball, he stated that he “grew up in Redlands playing basketball,” playing, “at the YMCA community center, the travel team,” and he also “in high school.” He continued to explain that after high school, he did some volunteer coaching at REV in 1999. Two years after REV opened, Coach Aranda became one of REV’s most devoted and dedicated coaches.

Coach Berich simply stated that he has been playing basketball all his life. After graduating from Covina High school, he played at the University of La Verne and then a semester in England. After this time of playing his beloved sport, Berich coached junior high for a couple years, followed by coaching freshman basketball for three years at his alma mater, Covina High. After this, Berich coached for three years at Yucaipa High and was promoted as the varsity coach for seven more years. With his experience, Berich moved jobs, becoming an assistant coach at the University of Redlands for four years. After his experience at the U of R, Berich found his way to REV in 1997 as the varsity coach, and has been coaching class after class of basketball players ever since.

Coach Simpson stated that his father was a basketball coach in Michigan. He coached high school and college basketball for “over thirty years,” and is “a member of the Midland Country’s sports Hall of Fame.” Simpson explained that because of his father’s position, he “had the opportunity to play on varsity as a three-year starter.”  After this, Simpson “walked on at Northern Michigan University and played two years there.” Upon graduation from college, Simpson “stayed close to the game of basketball and became a high school teacher and coach before transitioning into educational publishing on the non-profit side of the education business.” Simpson is now entering his fourth year coaching at REV with coaches Aranda and Berich. He states that, he’s “really enjoyed the opportunity to be active again with high school basketball.”

Each of these coaches have stuck with their beloved sport all their life, in one way or another. Whether it was because of their family’s interest or their own, they were each drawn in by the aura of basketball. Because of their strong interest and curiosity, they are all able to easily dissect the culture of basketball and teach young men to do the same.

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