Señor Celano hosts foreign exchange Wildcat welcome luncheon


On Thursday, Sept. 15 Redlands East Valley held its annual foreign exchange student welcome luncheon, hosted by Michael Celano. He has been hosting this event for seven years and counting. This year, 
Alice Cimaschi and Veronica Macauda from Italy and Sandra Sucur from Austria, were the guests of honor.

“I think that it is very neat for the exchange students to feel welcomed at our school, ask our leaders questions and vice versa,” says Celano, who is both a French and Spanish teacher at REV.

The welcome luncheon was attended by the foreign language department teachers as well as REV’s principal, John Maloney, and two REV vice principals: Mike Munoz and Jeff Martinez. Student representatives, such as ASB multicultural co-commissioner Hani Elhanafy and ASB secretary Kessi Uribe, were present along with a range of club advisors that included ASB’s Matt Fashempour, yearbook’s Kelly Tilson, and Ethic’s Vanessa Aranda.   ​

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Audio of foreign exchange students. Recording by CAMERON KROETZ. Photos by DAVID MIKHAIL
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