Republicans Inconsistent Regarding Women’s Health


Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for the White House, was diagnosed with pneumonia last week. Before the diagnosis was revealed she was seen stumbling as she left a 9/11 Memorial Event early, sparking concern for her health. While pneumonia can be a serious condition, Clinton was completely recovered in a few days. One of the most ironic things to come from this “issue” is the sudden concern for her health from the GOP, a party not known to be particularly concerned with any woman’s health.

The once great party of Lincoln has been reduced to ad hominem attacks against Clinton, criticizing her for perceived health issues that are nothing more than rumors. But now as she has a confirmed health complication, pneumonia, the Republicans have pounced with some right wing radio hosts calling for her to drop out. This is completely ridiculous considering pneumonia is not a chronic condition that will plague her for much longer. The Republican Party has fought against bills that would protect a woman’s right to receive certain health services for decades and have shown little to no regard for the well being of Hillary Clinton until now. They believe that Clinton can be forced out of the race because of a small case of pneumonia so now they are on the attack. They will stop at nothing to get rid of Hillary Clinton.

The sudden rush to criticize Clinton’s health is very hypocritical considering that the Republican nominee released a note from his doctor that said, “Donald Trump, I can say unequivocally, will be the healthiest person who has ever ran for the office of the presidency.” This note, even though it sounds sarcastic, is supposedly a completely legitimate note written by a real doctor, yet it still reeks of the ludicrously insolent propaganda of Donald Trump. Not one prominent Republican has criticized Trump’s lack of transparency when it comes to his medical history yet they are quick to denounce Clinton for having pneumonia.

It is simply ironic and hypocritical of the right wing to lose their minds over Hillary Clinton’s health yet they say nothing about Donald Trump’s shroud of secrecy and then jump at Clinton for being ill. It appears that the GOP only cares about a woman’s health if that woman is Hillary Clinton.

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