Column: Aspire to Reach Positivity


Things go wrong in life and that is something I have learned to accept. Over the years, I have figured out that you can have an awesome day and something can still come along to spoil your happiness. I have had my share of good and bad days , and there were even times when I felt utterly defeated. As I look back at those days I realize that there are a few things that could keep you from being positive. The first being other people the second is yourself. From my experience I learned that YOU are your worst enemy. The last thing that could bring you down are the events going on in your day. But you can’t let that bring you down. I will tell you a story. This is a story about me that I hate talking about and I am still learning to move on from it. My motivation for sharing it is to let others know that even when life knocks you down you just have to get up and keep moving.

My junior year was one of the hardest times of my life. I started off feeling positive and motivated to pick up from my sophomore year, which ended well. I felt like I was on top of my grades, and I was happy that I had begun to fit in here at REV after transferring from a different school district in the beginning of the year. I had made friends and I was fine. All of that began to fall apart when things I enjoyed stopped being fun and school work got harder for me either  because I  didn’t understand and was too prideful to ask for help, or because I just got distracted. When I saw how it was having a negative effect on me, it made me become someone less positive.  I began to feel as though I wasn’t smart enough and that I didn’t belong if I wasn’t successful. Over the year, events occurred that put me into a bit of a depression and made me feel miserable. By the end of the school year I began to get my get my motivation back, but it was not enough to pull myself out of the hole I was in and I found myself worse off than I started. My family and friends took notice that I wasn’t happy anymore and were able to help me find ways that helped me to cheer up. One thing they did that helped was by giving me motivational posters to have hanging around in my surroundings. There are times when I feel stressed, that I am nothing special, or nobody would understand me even to this day.  But thanks to my parents and friends I have felt much better about myself and about life in general.

​This is why I am writing this. From now on I want to be a positive influence on someone’s life. If you can relate to me then something you could try is start by writing the good things going on in your life. Start with the small and then end with the most impactful thing. This is something I find myself doing a lot and it helps me and I hope it can help you too!

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