Doom: A Short Game for a Fun Time

DOOM is a brand new gory, shoot-em up, first person shooter where you play as the Doom Slayer. The Doom Slayer is an ancient being who fights against the demon hordes slaying them relentlessly until one day the demon prophets devised a plan to capture and seal the Doom Slayer and seal him away in a tomb because they couldn’t kill him. The game starts with you waking up on mars and escaping from the restraints holding you down and killing the nearby Imps around you with a conveniently placed pistol. Then after you kill the imps you leave the room to discover your armor conveniently placed right outside the room in a machine. The game then goes on to explain who you are exactly and then to explain why you’re on mars and why there are demons on mars. You then go around the game discovering all the secret little things they had hidden all around the areas and killing all the demons that you can possibly can. Then the game takes you on a gore filled journey of destruction as you traverse the worlds of mars and hell trying to stop the demon hordes from taking over mars. The campaign lasts about 15 hours for the average player but, it can last up to 24 hours for the completionist. Then there is the multi-player function which can last for as long as you like. The multi-player function is also quite a bit better than most people write, which usually involves people calling it bad because it’s unbalanced but, i find it overall quite balanced because it’s just based on skill and how good you can use the guns instead of some games nowadays which are dependant of playing the “most OP” character.I would most likely advise the average gamer to get it on sale because then it’s an even better deal and you get more bang for your buck. Overall i rate DOOM a 7.5/10 simply because it’s not the longest game but other than that it’s a very fun experience

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