Wildcat student store serves students


Redlands East Valley High School’s student store has been available to all students since the school’s opening in 1997. Over the years, students have shown a last minute need for different materials such as notebooks, clothes, and food.

The student store has listened to those needs and provide students with necessities. The Student Store now provides snacks and a selection of clothing, and it further provides students with school supplies, such as notebooks and flashcards. From the beginning of the school year, the Student Store is open and ready to provide its students with their P.E clothes and other commodities. With nutrition laws now in place, the Student Store ensures healthy meals and snacks for all its customers.

Senior Arsh Dhillon gave insight on the store, stating that he thinks that the Student Store is “really cool and super beneficial”. He further explains that if one were to miss his or her lunch or simply not “have a notebook, then” he or she “can just go to the Student Store.” Students like Dhillon are very appreciative of the Student Store’s available supplies. It further speaks to the notion that the store has everything one might need in a time of thirst, hunger, or when simply striving to raise his or her grades. Dhillon further inputs that as a junior, he “would always forget…” his “lunch or start craving chocolate milk out of nowhere,” and the Student Store “would save [him] from starving.” For Dhillon, “it was cool to go somewhere on campus to buy food.”

The Student Store lowers a student’s chances of leaving campus for a snack or lunch during school hours. The store provide a wide variety of goods and also keep a student safe and on school grounds. Junior Dylan Fashempour agrees, saying that the Student Store “has a good selection of food.” Fashempour enjoys how the slushies are “really inexpensive, but really good.” With students having access to the student store in the morning and mid-day, they won’t have to worry about missing a meal or a snack.

Mrs. Tina Martinucci runs the store and teaches the student store class in which students learn “employability, resumes, cover letters, applications.” If a student receives a “B” or higher in the class, “they will earn a college credit.” The class benefits students in many ways: it teaches them successful in a business and simultaneously gives them a head start on college credit, placing them ahead of incoming college freshmen in credits. Martinucci also states that her class focuses on a “bit of retail” so that her students can get “acclimated to the store” and to the environment of running it. The student store provides its customers with a selection of goods while teaching students the environment of business, ultimately preparing them for their future.

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