True Confessions of a High School Freshman: Taking On The New Year


As school starts again this year, many begin a new chapter in life. Class schedules have been received, the campus has been explored, and the anticipation builds. Some completely start fresh and transfer to a new district, others continue their journey with their friends that they met in kindergarten, and some break out of their shell and see the world in a new way.

We soon begin to realize that what we had imagined day after day, trying to prepare ourselves for this change, has done no good at all. We have all heard the sayings that the friends you meet in high school are the friends you have for life, and that you find out who you really are in your high school years, but now we get to experience first-hand the most anticipated years of our lives: high school. 

Starting fresh and starting over are different ways of looking at the situation. All the connections, friendships, and regularities of everyday life are in the past. Now we start from scratch once again and try to pave the path to success.

The transition from homework ever so often, to homework everyday is laced in this new society. Many have learned the hard way if the hierarchy of this new foreign place, others have quickly been accepted, and the rest try their hardest not to be noticed. I have been lucky enough to be welcomed by several students, freshmen and seniors alike, who all have been extremely helpful and kind.

Eventually everyone finds the place where they are meant to be, where they are accepted for who they are and don’t feel pressured by anyone else to change, act differently, or dress like the most popular people. We just have to navigate our way, day by day, until we find that place. Whether it is in our four years here, or later in life,  we will realize our true potential and contribute in our own unique ways to this world.

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  1. Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about! Great vocab, flavorful grammar, you go girl!


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