Mrs. Bradshaw Travels Exotic


 As the summer of 2016 has just passed and another year approaches, teachers and students have gone into a “strict-schedule” mode. However, before each student and teacher submerges themselves in life’s mandatory calls, one teacher’s exotic summer has yet to be recognized.

Mrs. Bradshaw, a Psychology, AP Psychology, and Sociology teacher shares about her flavorful summer of travel. As Mrs. Bradshaw has a “…pure passion for travel,” she shows a great example of what an “exotic” summer is. To begin her trip, she first traveled to Ireland with her husband. As Mrs. Bradshaw describes Ireland, “the people are very friendly, they’ve got to be the friendliest people in the world…[and the weather] is cold and rainy…” As Ireland is close to the American culture, in which they are also “punctual [and] on time, [and] very friendly…”, there are also some differences. Examples of this can be their social interactions and their knowledge of American politics. Mrs. Bradshaw also pointed out that “…[many] Americans like to go sight-seeing… and to socially gather…” as the Irish “…love to talk.” Bradshaw explains that one of the reasons she enjoys Ireland so much is because of the “…calm and culture of [the] people” and that is why she has traveled there “…two times in two years,” and also inputs that “[she] could live [in Ireland]”. However, this is only the beginning of Mrs. Bradshaw’s lively summer.

The second place Bradshaw visited is Spain, and Bradshaw has her own personal ties to this countries she lived there when she was young. She explains that Spain is “…laid back [almost as if it’s] in it’s own little time warp.” As Bradshaw continued to compare and contrast the two countries, she concluded that “Ireland and Spain [have] two totally different culture,’ and goes on to explain that “[Spain] is very non-time oriented,” whereas Ireland is more punctual like the United States.

As interesting and fun as two countries sound, Mrs. Bradshaw then continued to travel to Idaho and Washington D.C. The occasion that required her being in Idaho was to help her daughter move into her dorm at her new college, and also the reason for her being in Washington D.C was to attend the National Education Association. At this conference, “…10,000 teachers from the nation… saw Hillary Clinton speak; she [went] to campaign…” it was “…all about the educational system.”

​As Mrs. Bradshaw looks back on her exotic summer, she shares that “ you learn so much when you travel. It gives you a good knowledge of people in the world.” She also includes that “[she] love[s] airports…” as she “…get[s] butterflies before and after [the plane] lands.”

 To conclude her summary of an amazing summer, Bradshaw states that “[she has] a pure passion for travel…” and elaborates that “…[traveling] is in her soul.”

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