Popular Redlands-Based Ice Cream Parlor Expands 


A la minute or on the minute? Well it’s both! This is the name of the nitrogen ice cream parlor that originated in downtown Redlands. If you have had a chance to try their selection of flavors here in Redlands, and hoped that there were other locations, then you are in luck. A La Minute happen to have multiple locations in Claremont, Orange, and are opening one in Temecula soon.

As a born and bred Redlands business, most of their advertising is tech savvy and are supported by their fellow community members. Not only did the business originate in Redlands, the manager of the Redlands location, Mary, says the owners “Ryan Burk and Casey Burk are from here. They even own the Parliament Chocolate factory around the corner.”

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To uphold a standard she looks for crew members that are “going to be friendly, going to be able to inform our customers about our product, that are also going to keep the shop clean and have good morale.” Currently she has about 11 employees.

Rush hours are more like rush days and she says that their Fridays and Saturdays are the most popular. The most popular flavor here in the Redlands location is the Salted Caramel. Now, if you have been wondering why it is so popular, and why the nitrogen in the ice cre​am makes it so unique, it is because the nitrogen actually gives it a creamier texture due to the fact that the ice particles are smaller. Mary appreciates that this company works with the community and the fact that they use fresh ingredients and go out to meet with the farmers. Despite their short time of four years here in Redlands, A La Minute has become a household name for the community.

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