SummerFest students give feedback


​We asked three questions of Citrus Valley and Redlands East Valley students at SummerFest.

  1. What is your favorite feature at Summer Fest?
  2. If you could add anything to Summer Fest, what would it be?
  3. If you had to describe Summer Fest in three words, what would they be?

 Sophomore Ray at Citrus Valley High answered:
    “… the video game truck! Definitely because it has all my favorite video games and I’m a big nerd…”
    “…I don’t know; I think it’s perfect just the way it is!”
    “…fun, colorful, and bright!”

Senior Samantha Aguilar  at REV answered:
    “…well, I just love how it’s so diverse…”
    “…games, like musical chairs, and dance offs.”
    “ awesome, chill, and alive.”

Sophomore Brandon Saglam at Citrus Valley High answered:
    “…well, that’s hard to pick out- the dance floor is pretty cool- but I guess just the atmosphere.”
    “…better food”
    “…It is bomb”

Sophomore Tairah Jackson at REV answered:
    “…I would say the music, because I like to dance.”
    “… better food”
    “Lit, fun and sensational”

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