OHS Staff Member Cindy Kaiser Makes the Switch from Teacher to Counselor 


​Orangewood High School counselor, Cindy Kaiser, has previously been a teacher at Judson and Brown Elementary, Beattie Middle School, Kingsbury Elementary, and Fairfax Elementary for 19 years collectively.

Kaiser decided to become a counselor because, “my friend got a degree for counseling and I thought, ‘hey I can get that too!”. So Kaiser got her counseling degree and became a counselor at Orangewood High School. She has been working at Orangewood for four years now and enjoys it very much.

Kaiser’s favorite hobbies include shooting her 9mm pistol, hiking, and traveling. Her favorite breed of dog is a hound puppy.

Kaiser also loves frogs, mainly because when she was teaching first grade a student gave her a frog. Over the years, she received more and more frogs throughout her 19 years as a teacher, and got more while being a counselor. The students at Orangewood are lucky to have her. Diana Becerra says that “Mrs. Kaiser is strangely amazing” and the Orangewood principal Carol Ruhm says, “Mrs. Kaiser is a phenomenal counselor.” 

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