Column: Why the Warnings Need to Stop

Here is the Thing

​Throughout last year, I have witnessed as the school alerted the students and the staff about getting tickets from the cops standing outside. A lot of the students and the staff members seem to like the warning and appreciate the heads-up. However, I could not disagree more. Here is the thing: the state of California gives tickets to bad drivers, not to aimlessly annoy people and ruin their day. They are there to punish bad drivers and to get them to follow the traffic laws, making our roads safer.

According to the CDC, there are an astonishing 2,163 dead teenagers and a whopping 243,243 injured teenagers, in the average year; we need those tickets now more than ever.

I happen to know just how much we need those tickets. For the past year, I have had to cross the street in front of my high school, the intersection where E. Colton Ave meets with Beryl Ave, in order to begin my trip home.A few too many times I have come across rude, obscene drivers that have no respect whatsoever for the traffic rules or for the pedestrians. Sometimes those drivers would accelerate with all of their car’s might before I reached their car so that they don’t have to wait for me to cross. Sometimes they would not even stop for the stop sign! If one of those rude, uncivil drivers got a ticket that they had to pay from their own pocket, maybe then they will learn how to act like any responsible driver should.  
In spite of all the figures and all the stats, the school, in all of its wisdom, decided to denounce the State of California’s efforts towards making our roads safer by alerting the students beforehand, practically disregarding the state. In addition, this wastes the time of the officers that stand outside for no real reason, and with no real purpose when they can be somewhere else making a difference. How is this helping anyone? This is doing nothing but protecting the students from the danger of a driving ticket, when in reality, they are exposing them to the much more grave danger of a car accident.

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