CV Varsity Volleyball Player Claire Kovensky Talks About Her Future Plans

PictureSource: Twitter/ @ClaireKovensky


Claire Kovensky has been a valued member of Citrus Valleys’ girls varsity volleyball team since she was a freshman. As she approaches her last volleyball season at Citrus Valley, Claire believes the team’s positive mindset, drive and good attitude will be the sole determination for a successful upcoming season. She is looking forward to her final year on the high school volleyball courts and doing her best to lead the team to victory. 

While she enjoys her time on the court, she tries to relax with what little time she has between sports and school work. Kovensky usually spends her time playing the piano, which she has been playing since the age of 5, and talking with her friends and family. Claire also enjoys giving her time back to her community and attending Community Service events in her hometown. She is looking forward to her last moments in California with her friends and family as she will soon be leaving for the Air Force Academy. 

Claire plans on playing volleyball at the Academy and study her way to the top of her career. The academy has opened  many doors for Claire, expanded her opinions to many possibilities, and she will be looking forward to what the future holds in store for her.

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