Column: Learning to Grow Up


The Bullied Child

Child left in the dark
Listen to the monster’s growl
You want to cry out
She has you pinned to the ground

Child faced with pain
Run from the hate
She is too fast 

Child, child say something
Refuse to let her put  you down

Child show me your face
I can see your fear
She snarls in your face
All you feel are tears

Child, child run away
Fight back the monster
Before she destroys your soul 
And you can’t feel anymore

 As many people know, there are ferocious figures in people’s lives that affect the way one is able to function. This poem was written as a symbol of my sympathy for a student I had in one of my classes. He was a very quiet student and did his work diligently like most students.I didn’t know that he had a bully.

I found out one day in class when a girl went up to him and started cussing at him. Now in high school cussing is a very normal thing to hear, but this was different. I could hear the hate that radiated in this girl’s words; I couldn’t believe that she was directing this at someone else, at a person who had feelings and thoughts. The boy didn’t know what to do; after all this situation in itself was unique considering that the bully was a girl and the victim was a boy. So for just one brief moment, I made eye contact with him and I could see the fear in his eyes while she was in his face, spitting harsh and explicit words at him. I could almost see the scenario of a monster pouncing on a child. 

I wanted to stop her, but it was as if I was also in the boy’s position. Her words seemed to shatter any thought of speaking out. All I could manage was to tell her to please be quiet. My words turned her attention to me, but she simply laughed and that’s when the teacher realized what was happening. 
Therefore, I wrote this to always remember and make others aware  that there are students right under our noses who must live their life under the impression that they can only have as much confidence as their bully allows. So, I am asking teachers and students to join me and fight out against all degrading actions one makes against another to put them down. 

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Column: Learning to Grow Up

  1. its a really depressing poem but the matter is firm too much bullies are around us and we need to stop it. REV WILDCATS RULE #boys basketballjv32

  2. Beautiful but sad. I was bullied by my oldest brother in my childhood and some high-school students in my school years. but I fought back with words whenever possible.

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