Month: September 2016

REV Boys’ Basketball Practice

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Column: Just Speaking My Truth

Seeing Through Colors BY LAURYN BEST ​ ​I’m not like your typical black girl. At least that’s what I’ve been told by many people on multiple different occasions. The first few times I wasn’t sure what to make of the comment. So I would laugh and nod my […]

Column: Through my eyes

Looking through my eyes BY SAVANNA PATINO ​ Welcome back to high school. It is a time of prosperity, diversity, and growth. It is a beautiful four years, filled with good memories, friends, and learning. They are the best years of your life. Except that they’re not. High […]

Column: Here’s the Thing

Dear Reader  BY DAVID MIKHAIL ​ Last Publication I published an article in which I stated my opinion on some of the school’s actions regarding traffic safety. While some people may disagree with my opinion or misunderstand me for a negative person, they could not be more off.  […]

Column: Learning to Grow Up

“The Maintenance Guy” Helps Improve Our School Experience BY JASMYN GONZALEZ Did the water turn off? Call the maintenance guy! Did the lights go out? Call the maintenance guy! Are the bells off schedule? Call the maintenance guy! Our schools often run across problems like these. There are […]