Layla Abbas, class of 2016

Layla Abbas was the co-editor-in-chief and Opinion editor during Ethic News’ inaugural year. She attended Citrus Valley High School. She feels that Ethic News/La Plaza is not just another high school class. She believes that the experience teaches the value of journalism, the power of creativity, and the strength in student expression.

Layla says that being a part of Ethic’s inaugural year in 2015 was an impactful and unforgettable experience. She is most proud of her peers from both Redlands East Valley and Citrus Valley who decided to venture out and try something new. Since then, she feels she has had the privilege to witness the opportunities and growth Ethic and La Plaza’s staff have created since 2015.

She says, “I am extremely grateful to have been part of its first chapter. It is an achievement I refer to when asked ‘What has been your proudest life moment?'”

She says, “The confidence and drive I gained from being a part of Ethic is unmatched. I still refer to my experiences learned here for inspiration and a sense of purpose. After this class, you will be empowered by what you created and encouraged to say ‘Yes’ to more opportunities.”

After high school, Layla attended the University of La Verne and earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism. During her undergraduate experience, she completed three years in numerous editor and editor-in-chief positions for the campus newspaper. After graduation, she completed an internship with NBCLA where she gained experience as a digital news editor in a real newsroom — “well, until the pandemic hit,” she says.

In 2021, Layla accepted a full-time job as an internal communications associate at City of Hope, a nonprofit clinical research center and hospital in Los Angeles. In this role, she creates, organizes and sends communication deliverables to our internal workforce. She also contribute stories to the internal publications and provide communication support for events.

In addition, Layla will graduate with her master’s degree in strategic communication from Cal Baptist University at the end of 2022.

Layla also freelances for the Redlands Community Newspaper as a way to stay connected to her community.

Her message to current journalism students is, “Do not let fear or self-doubt stop you from joining Ethic News/La Plaza. You will be provided the necessary tools to be successful in the class. In addition to growing professionally, you will gain a great group of friends and mentors that will last long after the class is over.”

Last updated 2022

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