Meet CV’s Health Technician, Robin Mauger

Many students visit the health office on a regular basis, but few know about the hard working person who is constantly helping others. Learn more about Robin Mauser, Citrus Valley High School’s health technician.

Q: What is your favorite thing about working in the health office?
A: “My favorite thing has to be the interaction with Citrus Valley students and helping others around me.”

Q: What high school/college did you attend and what was your major?
A: “I attended Cortez High School in Phoenix, Arizona. I attended Crafton Hills for college and majored in Pre Nursing and EMT.”

Q: What jobs did you have before becoming a health technician?
A: “Before I was the health technician at Citrus Valley, I was a stay at home mom, a waitress, and a paraprofessional in the special education rooms.”

Q: What is your life outside of the office like?
A: “My life outside of the office is busy with traveling and watching sports. I love to watch football and my favorite team are the San Diego Chargers.”

Q: What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
A: “That I can help people and help them feel better.”

Q: How long have you been the health technician  at Citrus Valley?
A: “I have been the health technician since 2009.”

What is the most rewarding about your job?
A: “The opportunity it gives me to help others every day.”

Q: Most memorable experience of your life?
A: “My husband had a major health problem with a triple A rupture and was in the ICU for 30 days and the hospital for 55 days just this last year. Watching him overcome all of the adversities and being healthy now is my best experience.”

Q: What has being a high school health technician taught you personally?
A: “Being a high school technician for this long has taught me to always expect the unexpected.”

Thank you for all of your assistance throughout the years, Citrus Valley staff and students appreciates you!

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