Earthquakes Rock Japan, Ecuador, Death Toll Rises

In recent days literally hundreds of earthquakes have hit the nations of Japan and Ecuador.  It started on April 14th in Japan with a 6.5 magnitude earthquake, that caused severe damage.  Just 2 days later, another larger quake at a magnitude of 7.0 hit very nearby in Japan.  Again, that same day of April 16th yet another massive earthquake at a 7.8 magnitude shook Ecuador.  Dozens of the following aftershocks came in at above a magnitude of 4.), more than enough to cause to sensible shaking.  

The death toll is now quite high with hundreds dead in Ecuador, and dozens more dead in Japan.  Beyond the deaths, thousands of people are injured between the two nations.  Also, tens of thousands of people have been left homeless after these devastating earthquakes destroyed their homes.  Water and power delivery to much of the affected areas has been heavily affected if not completely disrupted.  

Although it may seem that with the closeness of these events they must be related, seismologists say other wise.  The earthquakes in each nation may very well be related, with how aftershocks often occur in a similar place following large seismic events.  However, because of the distance of these two nations’ quakes, almost 10,000 miles, the chance of a remote trigger is highly unlikely.  Rather it is a coincidence that three massive quakes would occur in such a short time period.  The odds of this are significantly raised when you consider the fact that both Japan and Ecuador lay along the Ring of Fire.  The Ring of Fire is a system of faults that lays throughout the pacific ocean, and is responsible for around ninety percent of the world’s total earthquakes.  

The world has mobilized to help both Japan and Ecuador recover from these tragedies.  Ecuador declared a national emergency and has mobilized their military and national police to help deal with the situation.  Japan has also deployed over 10,000 members of their self defense force to aid civilians affected by the earthquakes.  In addition the Red Cross has partnered with Apple to raise funds for its aid services throughout Japan and Ecuador.  

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