Column: Five Things High School Has Taught Me

Live to Inspire

They say high school is the best four years of your life. They say high school teaches you how to become an adult and teaches independence. They say high school is what you make it.

They were right.

​High school has done so much more for me, and it is because I allowed it be the best 4 years of my life. High school has taught me multiple lessons, but I will share with you the five most important things I am taking away from my high school experience.

1. Be Yourself: As cliche as this sounds, being yourself is one of the most important things high school has taught me. I had a tendency to want to fit in with the rest of the crowd and be like others around me. Overtime, I had a revelation that fitting in is completely boring and unsatisfying. Being true to yourself, despite what others have to say, is what really brings someone real satisfaction. Never settle for fitting in, we are all better than trying to be a replica of others.

2. Never set limits for yourself: Never assume you can’t do something. You will never know what you are capable of achieving until you try something. A personal example for myself, is my choice to take AP Calculus my senior year. My strength has never been math, but I was determined to challenge myself by taking it. It has been difficult, but I refused to set limits for myself.

3. Be as kind as possible to yourself and others: Throughout high school, it is normal to doubt yourself, but it is incredibly important to always be kind to yourself and and others around you. High school is a learning experience, from learning about yourself to learning about your peers. It is normal to become impatient, frustrated at times, and discouraged. But never stop being kind, as your actions and words have a lasting affect on others around you.

4. Say yes to the challenge: I was never in yearbook, I was never a part of the newspaper, but senior year rolled around and I was asked a question that would change my entire high school experience for the better. Our advisor, Mrs. Aranda, asked if I would be interested in not only being a part of a digital newspaper she was starting, but being the Editor-in-Chief of what became known as Ethic. I said yes. Without having any experience, saying yes to this challenge has done so much for me. So, if you are ever faced with something that seems challenging, do not doubt yourself and just say yes. The outcome will be so rewarding.

5. Focus on your Education: High school is meant to be filled with fun activities, but never lose sight of its main purpose. You are here to further your education first and foremost. Do not ever forget that. When senior year comes around, you will see all of your hard work over the four years pay off and it is the greatest reward.

I sincerely hope this advice helps anyone who is still in high school and even ones who are beginning college.

Lastly, I would like to thank the readers of TRUE Ethic, and everyone who made it successful in its first year! I am so grateful to have been apart of this, and will always be thankful for it.

We have accomplished an unprecedented amount in just its first year. I have gained new friends that I will have for a lifetime, learned about myself on a deeper level, and have discovered my passion for writing.

Thank you Ethic, staff, and readers for giving me one of the best experiences of my high school career.

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