REV’s art Class Takes a Trip to Palm Springs art Museum

For the Creative Soul

    REV’s art classes took a trip to the Palm Springs Art museum on April 7th the last field trip of the year. The Palm Springs Art Museum contains a variety of art from old to new. It has four levels the bottom consisting of student art from colleges or high schools. The main level currently holds Native American and art of the West, along with the Weiner family collection of sculptures. The second floor consists of the Contemporary Glass sculptures. The top most level contains an assortment of artwork from 3D to 2D like “ The never ending tunnel,” real life looking sculptures and normal paintings that look different from each angle.  

If you would like to go see this museum they are located in palm springs. They are open everyday except Monday from 10am to 5pm. The admission is 12.50 for adults, 10.50 for seniors and 5 dollars for students. They also have tours that you can take throughout the museum.
I enjoyed this trip a lot seeing the many different forms of art, even someone who isn’t that interested in art would find some of these artworks really cool.

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