Student Spotlight: Dawson Ayon


Dawson Ayon is a senior at Citrus Valley High School, and he is an example of a student who is determined to have a successful career after graduating. He has participated in numerous activities such as: Track and Field, Link Crew, Cross Country, and is the team captain for long distance in track.

Ayon has been motivated by his sister who inspires him. When asked about what she did to inspire him, he responded with,”She inspires me everyday to be the best person I could be in academics, sports and just everyday socializing. One thing that inspires me the most about her is that she is capable of paying for college on her own and being able to afford living on her own.”  

Sports and academics play a big part in Dawson’s life, and all his hard work both in sports and school have paid off; he has been recruited for San Bernardino Valley College and Riverside College for Track and Field and Cross Country. In school, Ayon is involved in Link Crew, a club on campus that helps freshman through their first year of high school. He helps them get around campus and make sure they are on top of their grades. When asked for his advice to underclassmen, he responded with, “Don’t be afraid to talk to upperclassmen because we aren’t mean. I would also say to enjoy your high school years because they are going to fly by.”

As a high school student, Dawson has showed innumerable leadership qualities and outstanding character skills, as he worked extremely hard in both his academics and sports, while also trying to become a better person. High school can be difficult for some people, but students like Dawson show that it is possible to obtain a successful high school career. For one to be successful in both sports and academics, one must learn how to maintain a healthy balance in their lives and have fun along the way.   

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