Inspire Choir fundraises for trip to Disneyland

Abilities First is a club at Citrus Valley that is hosting a  fundraiser to help our very own Inspire Choir at Citrus Valley.  Daniel Brown and Christine Hearon are the advisors for the Abilities First club and are hoping to treat the Inspire Choir students to Disneyland. This experience would be one they would never forget and a well earned trip.

Inspire Choir includes Citrus Valley’s special education students. Inspire Choir made its debut last year at the Citrus Valley rally putting on a show for all of the students. It was one of Citrus Valley’s most memorable moments, as all the students came together and supported the Inspire Choir as they performed a Bruno Mars song titled, “Uptown Funk.”

Abilities First is looking to offer made to order sandwiches available for purchase at Citrus Valley for only $6. The first lunch day is April 15, and Abilities First is hoping for this fundraiser to be a success, so they can offer it to the staff a couple of times per month.

Please look into supporting our Inspire Choir as they fundraise for a trip to Disneyland. Purchase a sandwich and support the students of Citrus Valley’s Inspire Choir.

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