Vandalism: The Need to Stop

Vandalism and destruction of property is an issue across the nation.  The removal of graffiti costs the public millions of dollars, if not more, every year.  This threat often hits home as well with households, and schools vandalized on an all too regular basis.
The cost of repairing property or cleaning up graffiti can be devastating.

Vandalism can be costly to the victims.  If necessary items, such as windows or utilities, are damaged, repairs have to be made and people may not be able to afford it.  Even if the damage done does not need to be fixed immediately, it still lowers the value of their property immensely, as graffiti, although occasionally beautiful, also makes areas look worse.

The money used to fix graffiti in public places, such as schools and government buildings, could go towards so much else.  In schools, the money could most certainly go towards improving school supplies.  However, instead of purchasing new sports equipment and modern textbooks, schools have to divert precious funds to restoring damaged property.  

The lesson to learn is very simple, do not vandalize.  The argument that it helps people express themselves is null, for there are countless ways to express yourself that do not involve damaging the property of other people.  Create art on paper, canvas and other mediums, but do not use a neighbor’s front wall.  Do not destroy somebody’s property, simply for fun or to take out anger. Again, the world has countless ways to help express individuals or just relieve stress in general.

It cannot be stated more simply: do not vandalize.  

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