Month: April 2016

How Bernie Sanders Has Already Won

By JONAS POGGI Last May, a white-haired senior citizen from the second smallest state in the country embarked on a mission to change the United States of America. This man is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who last May from the steps of Capital Hill announced his presidential campaign. Sanders […]

REV Attends Prom

On April 23, 2016 Redlands East Valley High School had their prom at Desert Willow Country Club and Golf Course in Palm Desert. The Dance began at 7pm and lasted till 11pm. There was music, dancing, henna tattoos, and refreshments. Many of the school’s upperclassmen attended. Every student […]

Wildcats attend Inland Solar Challenge

By AARON HILL ​On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, April 22 to 24, the Redlands East Valley High School Engineering Club attended the annual Inland Solar Challenge.  They created a sixteen foot powered canoe that utilized several large batteries, as well as solar panels to power the motor.  They […]

Column: Through My Eyes

By  KATHERINE SNAVELY ​ First of all I would like to thank everyone who has been reading and keeping up to date with the Ethic Digital Newspaper and I hope you have fully enjoyed what we, the Ethic team, has shared with you.   This will be the […]

Barbershop Movie Review

By RYAN ARANDA ​ On April 15, 2016, the much awaited fourth film in the Barbershop series, Barbershop: The Next Cut, was released across the United States. The newly released comedy has plenty of its cast returning from the previous films including renowned rapper and actor, Ice Cube, […]

Interview with Track Star Jaiquan Session

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The Importance of GMO’s

By MATTHEW MIKHAILOV and DAVID MIKHAIL You’ve all probably seen that label on your food: “Non-GMO.” Have you ever wondered what that means? GMO stands for genetically modified organism, so in the context of food, Non-GMO means that that food item is made from organisms that were not […]

Living On One Dollar

By LAYLA ABBAS Can you imagine living on one dollar every day? Can you imagine not knowing if you will have enough food to eat at the end of the day? Can you imagine being sick and not having access to a doctor? Living on One Dollar is […]

Column: Why I Love Redlands

By ANNIE DELGADO I was born and raised in the small town of Redlands, California. To many of my fellow peers who have also grown up here, it is known as “Deadlands.” I’m going to tell you why I love this beautiful town I live in. Redlands is […]

Witnessing the End of an Era

Halftime By RYAN ARANDA “And the other forward for the final time, #24, on the floor, 6’6”…out of Lower Merion High School, five time world champion…Kobe Bryant!” As Bryant was announced for the final time on April 13, 2016, a bittersweet moment was created, that will not only […]

AAA Summer School

By RYAN ARANDA AAA (Academics, Athletics, Arts) Academy offers select high school summer school classes to all students, who have completed the eighth grade, that are looking to get ahead in their required schedule. By doing so, this can allow one to take an extracurricular class such as […]

LLUCH Hosts 5K Fun Run

By ANNIE DELGADO On April 3, the Loma Linda Children’s Hospital hosted the Family Fitness Fun 5k Walk/Run & Expo. This event was hosted at the Burrage Mansion located in Redlands.  The Family Fitness 5K was presented by the organization, Big Hearts for Little Hearts. Big Hearts for […]

Teacher Feature: Mr. Loew

By DAVID MIKHAIL Perhaps one of the most noteworthy yet understated teacher in both REV and Citrus is Russell Loew. Mr. Loew teaches Math at both REV and Citrus, as he is a teacher on assignment. Apart from being a teacher, Mr. Loew has been serving in the […]

Student Spotlight: Dawson Ayon

BY JESSICA LOPEZ Dawson Ayon is a senior at Citrus Valley High School, and he is an example of a student who is determined to have a successful career after graduating. He has participated in numerous activities such as: Track and Field, Link Crew, Cross Country, and is the […]

The Nameless One

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What is happening in Tennessee?

By JONAS POGGI Official state bird of Utah: California gull Official state dog of Wisconsin: American Water Spaniel Official state dance of Kentucky: Clogging Official state snack food of Illinois: popcorn Official state carnivorous plant of North Carolina: Venus Flytrap Official state dinosaur of Wyoming: Triceratops ​When it […]

REV Hosts Annual REV Fest

Redlands East Valley High School hosted its annual REV Band and Orchestra Festival on April 5th and 6th. Schools from around the district come and perform for judges and then proceed to a clinic with one of the judges. ​This year, REV had bands and orchestras from Cope, […]