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My College Tour to UCR

Perspectives from a Positively Stressed Senior
Your whole Senior year is committed to finding colleges, applying, getting scholarships, passing your current classes, and making decisions. Along with making all these decisions comes college tours. Over Spring Break, I was able to go on college tour to University of California Riverside to make a decision about where I wanted to go.

My initial feeling along with excitement, was nervousness. Going on a college tour seemed to make everything real. If you’re living on campus, this is usually the first time you’ll be living without parents or guardians. The moment I walked on the campus, I was overwhelmed! The campus was so big, but also very beautiful. My parents and I walked into the office where you sign in for a tour, we got name tags, and I was gifted a shirt.

We had quite a bit of time before the tour, so we decided to go to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf that is on campus. The more we walked around, the more I fell in love. We eventually made our way back, and went on the tour.

The tour took about one hour to walk around the whole campus. The tour guide gave us facts about UCR and the students the whole way that surprised me. She told us that most lecture halls have around 500 students, but then when you get to your Junior or Senior year, there can be as little as nine.

This whole, new journey is a very exciting, but seems very scary. Everything you have known is about to change. This very real experience of getting accepted into college and making choices has definitely made me nervous about the future, but also excited. I feel as prepared as I can to take on this new challenge, and see what I am able to achieve.

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