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Lifelong Lakers Fan Bids Farewell to Icon

Here’s to Kobe…

You’ve been playing in the NBA for as long as I’ve been alive.

You’ve won the Dunk Contest as an 18-year-old rookie.

You’ve attained five NBA Championships for Los Angeles.

You’ve scored 81 points in one game, a feat thought to be impossible.

You’ve earned the NBA’s Most Valuable Player Award.

You’ve been selected to the All-Star Game 18 times, the second most in history.

You’ve placed yourself at the top of the Lakers all-time scoring list.

You’ve carried the Los Angeles Lakers franchise for 20 years.

You’ve broken a numerous amount of records, never thought to be broken.

You’ve proven your legendary status time and time again.

You’ve inspired countless young basketball fans across the world with your love for the game.

You’ve caused Lakers fans to cheer for joy for the championships.

You’ve had fans feel the pain of your injuries.

You’ve made it difficult for not only Lakers fans, but all basketball fans, to say good-bye.

You’ve forced us to realize that there will never be another Kobe Bryant.

Here’s to Kobe, one of the greatest of all time.

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