Column: The Art of Deception 

For the Creative Soul

    Of the many types of art in the world there is one that never ceases to amaze me, art that has so much depth and detail that it looks real to the point of deception, sidewalk chalk art. When you think of chalk art you probably think of when you were a kid drawing on the sidewalk. Did you ever think you could make something more than just doodles with chalk, well you definitely can. Many people have made masterpieces for everyone to see and enjoy while walking down the street. Chalk art can be very deceiving, it can look 3 dimensional but it is actually 2 dimensional. Although some of the art pieces look proportional, they are bigger than imagined. Some people can even interact with the artwork.

Some well known chalk artists include, Edgar Mueller who grew up in Germany, and is a famous artist best known for his street paintings and chalk illusions. Kurt Wenner is an artist with an international following, he has a certain unique style to his artwork. Wenner has to invent a new geometry to create the images he pictures in his head. Tracy Lee Stum is well known for her street painting and chalk drawings. Stum is recognized as the leading female street painter in the world today.

So next time you see a box of sidewalk chalk, challenge yourself, see how creative you can be.

One thought on “Column: The Art of Deception 

  1. Katherine, I really enjoyed your article and the accompanying pictures. I have always been fascinated with sidewalk art, and hope someday to be able to see it in person. Until then, I’ll enjoy your gorgeous pictures!

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