Political Profiles: Sanders, Clinton, Kasich, Cruz, and Trump

A True Progressive Bringing America into the Future: Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is a 74-year-old man born in New York.  As a young adult he was heavily active with the civil rights movement, participating in marches and sit-ins, and even standing alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the March on Washington in 1963.  Later in his life, he became mayor of Burlington, Vermont’s largest city by population, where he served three terms.  

Not long after this, he became a member of the United States House of Representatives from Vermont’s only district.  Today, Sanders is a United States Senator, still serving from Vermont. In fact, he is the longest serving independent congressman, however he became a Democrat in 2015.  Sanders was also Chairman on the Senate committee of Veteran Affairs.  

One of the main appeals of Bernie Sanders is how in touch with the working class he is.  He grew up fairly poor in Brooklyn to Jewish parents, one of whom was an immigrant.  Sanders worked as a carpenter for many years in New York and Vermont.  He participated in the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement and protested the Vietnam War, even getting arrested for these causes.  

Because of this, people see Bernie Sanders as a candidate who is actually in touch with their issues.  He is drastically different from the other candidates, such as Donald Trump, who have had large sums of money for their entire lives.  He can connect with the common man, the poor, and the working class; many of those are now voting for him because of this.

Bernie Sanders has long been a supporter of universal healthcare.  He aims for America to become more like European, specifically Nordic, nations in this regard.  Sanders believes that healthcare is an essential human right that everyone should have, not just the rich.

Sanders has long stood by the idea of a free higher or college education.  He suggests that if somebody works hard throughout their schooling, through high school, they should be given two free years of community college.  Again, Sanders is of the belief that education is a necessary right.  People should be given the highest education possible, and this should not be the sole right of the upper class.

The way that Sanders wants to pay for this: taxing the rich.  For too long in America the game has been rigged for the top 1% of wealth, and rigged against the working class.  The millionaires and billionaires in this nation have become too wealthy and powerful, and Sanders intends to even the playing field.  He will tax the very rich more so that all citizens of the United States can be given the essentials, which includes his ideas of universal healthcare and free higher education.

Many people accuse Bernie Sanders of being a socialist.  He is not, and that is merely a ploy invented by the Right to scare potential voters away from Sanders.  Sanders is a social democrat.  Social Democracy favors a capitalist economy, representative democracy, but also has the idea of wealth redistribution.  

Bernie Sanders has a very strong chance of winning this election.  If the very possible happens, and Hillary Clinton is indicted, Bernie Sanders would be the only remaining reasonable choice for the Democratic Party nomination.  In the general election, Sanders would be good competition for whatever GOP candidate gets the nomination.  In many polls, such as those from CBS News and The New York Times, Sanders beats or is very close to the GOP candidates in head-to-head matchups with them.

If the people want a president who will continue America down the current road that she is on, they should vote for Clinton.  If the people want a president who will widen the wealth gap, making the rich even richer and the lower class even poorer; they should vote for a GOP candidate.  However, if the people of America want the next president to be someone who will move the nation forward, bring everyone their necessary rights, and even out the playing field between the rich and the poor-the people should vote for Bernie Sanders.  

Years in Washington and The White House: Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has stood as a figure of American politics for decades.  She worked as a lawyer during the Watergate scandal and assisted in forcing the resignation of Richard Nixon, while advising the House Committee on the Judiciary.  She was also the First Lady of Arkansas while her husband, Bill Clinton, served as governor of the state, while she continued her work in the field of law.  She then became one of the most influential First Ladies of all time while her husband served as President of the United States of America.  During her time as first lady, she started serving as a senator from New York.  In 2009 under President Obama, she became Secretary of State for his entire first term.

This amount of experience is undeniably important and persuasive when looking for a presidential candidate.  Hillary Clinton will need no on the job training, as she already has years of experience not only in law, not only in politics, not only in Washington DC, but even in the White House.  She can, on day one, start doing her job without an initiation that would surely be needed by someone with little or no experience, such as the current GOP front runner Donald Trump.  

She also has tremendous knowledge when it comes to foreign policy.  She travelled all across the world as secretary of state, and thusly knows much of the world’s other nations.  No other presidential candidate can claim this experience.

Many come to support Clinton for her moderacy.  They see Sanders as far too Socialist, and that he would not be able to cooperate with the current conservative congress.  Meanwhile, Clinton could cooperate very well with Republicans due to her moderacy and the fact that she herself was once a Republican.

Clinton becoming president would also be a massive step forward for women’s rights, but also all across the world.  The office of the United States President is arguably the most influential and powerful office in the entire world.  It would be a sign of great change and forward progress for America, if we successfully elect her as our president.   Her election would be a precedent to the rest of the world, from the world’s leading nation that women are the equal of men, and that they must be treated accordingly.  

Hillary Clinton has a massive lead in the current presidential race, and is seen to be the only viable choice for the democratic candidacy.  The backing by the Democratic establishment in her favor is clear evidence that those with experience see her as the oblivious choice.  If for some reason she did not win the nomination, her voters would all too likely feel betrayed.  Then it is very likely for a GOP presidential win, which no Democrat truly wants.  She also has great results when it comes to head-to-head matchups with the GOP candidates, clearly beating both Trump and Cruz in polls from CNN, Quinnipiac University, Fox News and more.  Democr
ats have to unite behind Hillary for the next president to be Democratic.

Mature, Experienced, the Best Choice for President: John Kasich

John Kasich, current governor of Ohio and former United States Representative who acted as the  Chairman of the House Budget Committee, an Ohio State Senator, and worked in the private sector for years as a banker, political analyst, business manager, and chairman of a program for Republican resurgence in the state of Ohio (Recharge Ohio).

In the early days of the 2016 presidential race, many people discounted John Kasich as one of the many GOP candidates who pulled hardly any votes.  However, we are now many months into the campaign and only three candidates remain; Kasich is one of these three.  

Many voters have been flocking to Kasich in recent days.  The other 3 remaining candidates, now 2 after the departure of Marco Rubio, looked childish in recent debates.  They made childish insults, and even phallic jokes, about one another.  Meanwhile, John Kasich stood by and remained mature, and professional.  

In his time as Governor of Ohio, he had tremendous success.  He caused tremendous job growth, by creating hundreds of thousands of jobs and cutting over 4% of the unemployment rate.  He eliminated the budget deficit in his state without raising taxes, and even cut income tax in his state by a total of 3 billion dollars. As Chairman of the House Budget Committee, he effectively balanced the budget for the first time in decades, as well as completely overhauling the welfare system.  It is because of these deeds and his improvement of education as well as work on the criminal justice system that he has received stellar improvement rates across is state.

When it comes to the inevitable battle with Hillary Clinton for the GOP nominee, John Kasich is the clear case.  Polls from Fox News, Quinnipiac University, Bloomberg News, CBS News,  The New York Times, CNN News, and Monmouth University all show John Kasich beating Hillary Clinton in head-to-head match ups.  He even has a larger winning margin on Clinton than Cruz or Trump on the rare poll where Crux or Trump actually beat Clinton.

However, an ordinary path to winning the GOP nomination does not exist.  There are no longer enough delegates remaining for John Kasich to receive the nomination, for a candidate must receive 1,237 votes; John Kasich has only 143 votes with but 944 votes remaining.  However, if neither Trump, Cruz, nor Kasich receive that 1,237 votes we move to a brokered convention.  In a brokered convention, the delegates are no longer bound to the ways in which the people in their districts voted, and may vote for whoever they please.  It is largely thought that if the GOP went to a brokered convention, John Kasich would win as he has long been an important part of the GOP and has done much work for it.

No, a vote for Kasich is not wasted though.  A vote for Kasich will help bring us to a brokered convention.  A vote for Kasich stop Donald Trump and Ted Cruz from winning. A vote for John Kasich is a vote for stopping a Democratic presidency.  A vote for John Kasich is a vote for experience.  Vote for John Kasich.

The Clear Presidential Choice: Ted Cruz
I think you should vote for Sen. Ted Cruz because at a time when Americans have grown deeply cynical of both parties and positively loathe the Republicans, Sen. Ted Cruz has been willing to hold his own side accountable. Cruz is willing to take on the GOP and, in fact, polling shows Republicans hate the GOP as much as Democrats. In a panel of 35 undecided Republican voters last week, the panel agreed unanimously on few things, but they completely agreed that the GOP leadership in Washington had gone astray.

Cruz has a reasonable approach to foreign policy that is neither too internationalist nor too isolationist. Given his background and pedigree, he’d have a good grasp on vetting federal judges to avoid future terrible appointments. Cruz would be an ideal package for 21st century Republicans and conservatives to unite behind. Sen. Ted Cruz has the brilliance, political skills, and principles to be an advocate for the American people and freedom and provides a contrast against Hillary Clinton’s approach of government doing more and more at a time when more and more Americans trust government less and less.

Determination is a lot more important than charm, where Cruz won’t win first prize. When it comes down to it, Americans don’t want a charming president, but a smart, tough and decent one. He’s a true believer in the United States of America. His love for his country and belief in its prospects are impassioned and unfeigned. He’s ambitious, but his ambition stems from a desire to serve, where he believes that he is uniquely qualified to serve.

Outspoken and The Right Choice for a Strong Leader: Donald Trump

If anything has been more surprising than Trump’s endurance this election cycle, it’s the seemingly fierce loyalty of his supporters. When he hit the campaign trail, the crowds quickly swelled. Thousands were soon turning up at school gymnasiums, auditoriums and local event halls to see Trump in person, forming long, winding lines that often spilled into overflow rooms. Trump took the lead as the candidate most trusted to handle the economy last summer, and continues to dominate the field on the issue. According to the latest CNN/ORC poll, 57% of Republican voters nationally say they trust Trump over the rest of the field on the economy.

Helmut Norpoth, a professor of political science at Stony Brook University, has developed a statistical model that predicts a 97 percent to 99 percent chance that Trump will win the 2016 presidential election if he wins the Republican nomination.He added that the Republican party overall has a 61 percent chance of putting a GOP candidate in the White House, but Clinton has a 55 percent chance of winning in a hypothetical race with Cruz or Marco Rubio. But Trump’s success in the primaries, winning three out of four GOP contests to date, has made him the favorite by far in the model — especially if he gets the Republican nomination.

Yes, Trump is different.  That’s a good thing. His ideas – a sound immigration policy, returning manufacturing jobs to America, negotiating better trade deals – are not at all radical, but do go against the Washington status-quo. Trump is already changing America for the better – and is encouraging us to boldly stand up for our beliefs about what’s best for our nation and best for our fellow Americans.

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