Meet Wildcat principal Mr. Maloney

If you walk around REV’s campus at lunch, go to watch any of the sports, or pretty much attend any REV event, you will most likely see the principle of the school, Mr. Maloney. Mr. John Maloney is the principal at Redlands East Valley High School. He has been an educator for 32 years, and graduated college from Central Missouri State. Mr. Maloney is known as a great boss, strong leader, and a father-figure to many of the students that attend REV.

Mr. Maloney is constantly making sure REV is the best High School in Redlands. He does so by picking trash up at lunch time, motivating kids to study for tests, and checking in on students regularly to make sure they are always trying their hardest. When asked why he wanted to become an educator, he said, “Both my parents were teachers, and in my family if you were a teacher, you were like a priest. When I graduated college, I didn’t like the job I had. I was complaining to my sister who was a teacher, and she said I should just try it. I got a job teaching math at Aquinas, and the very first day I was teaching, I realized this is what I’m supposed to do.”

​Mr. Maloney had been described by some as “REV’s biggest cheerleader.” This is because he attends most, if not every REV event, talks the school up to other districts, and he shows his staff and students a love that reflects his love for REV. When asked what is his favorite part of REV and why, he states, “Here’s the deal, I really like what I do, but I love REV. I think the kids at REV have always been awesome since my first year here, I’ve worked with the best people I have ever worked with in my life here. I think REV kids are the best.”

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