Wildcats host 2nd Annual Synergy

On February 24 2016, REV’s link crew hosted it’s 2nd annual Synergy. Synergy is an event that allows people to connect emotionally and release any problems they have going on or have bottled up inside. Each link crew member gets to invite two people of their choosing to experience Synergy. When you first arrive you get a nametag that has your name, and family group number on it.
The day started off an ice breaker game called, “I love all my peeps.” This is where someone in the middle of a large group of students sitting in chairs says “I love all my peeps who are wearing green shirts,” and if you’re are wearing a green shirt you run and find another seat. After more games like, “hug tag,” and “extreme rock, paper scissors,” the students were broken up into family groups.
The family groups introduce themselves and after getting to know each other a little better, the groups go back into one large group. The group then heard from different speakers who gave their “balloon stories.” These speakers share a hardship they have gone through, and tell everyone “what puts air into their balloon.”
The groups then break back up into family groups to share their thoughts and their balloon stories.  
The closing activity was called “Cross the Line.” This is where a person reads off a statement and if it pertains to you, you cross the line. This was played in a large group of about 200 kids. The activity got emotional as the questions got deep and personal.
To end the day, people had the opportunity to share whatever they wanted to about the day and how it made them feel. Maria Evans, a link crew leader said, “Synergy is a beautiful experience that I feel lucky enough to have had the opportunity to attend.Everyone has their hardships and sometimes you need to be reminded that you’re never alone.”

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