Race Depicts the Hero, Jessie Owens

Race is true story of Jesse Owens, played by Stephan James, who was a track and field athlete from Eastern Ohio, who made history in the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

The movie was directed by Stephen Hopkins who captured the character of Jesse Owens, accurately revealing the athlete’s conflicts and hopes throughout the movie. The film shows Jesse’s heart and the fight in him to make a difference, and help his family.

It portrays the conflict of being an African American at that with the struggles of inequality, and the prejudice not only from his country, but from Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Race really came out as a riveting story because of the multiple conflicts with the multiple sub-plots coming together to explain not only Jesse’s story, but the story of that time.

The many sub-plots could also be the movies downfall which seems to sometimes be tediously long and drag the story out quite a bit. Still with a long story, which could have been shortened, it portrays the truth to Owens and his story and finding a way to entertain the audience. Though the character has a slight downfall of not completely giving depth to Jesse’s character who was only portrayed as a hero and even in his downfalls, would be shot back to heroship without Jesse being shown as a rounded out character.

However, despite the lacking character depth, overall the movie was accurately foretold and contained excellent acting. The movie was excellently named Race, which is a double entendre, not just the olympic history, but also referring to the racial issues of that time.  

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