Month: March 2016

Column: The Art of Deception 

For the Creative Soul By KATHERINE SNAVELY     Of the many types of art in the world there is one that never ceases to amaze me, art that has so much depth and detail that it looks real to the point of deception, sidewalk chalk art. When you […]

Hip Hop Album Displays Unique Qualities

By RYAN ARANDA On March 4, one of the greatest hip hop artists today, Kendrick Lamar, released a compilation album by the name of “Untitled Unmastered.” “Untitled, Unmastered” contains unfinished demos that were first created during Lamar’s making of his last studio album, “To Pimp a Butterfly.” “To […]

First Pitch Preview

By AARRON ANDREAS and ANDRES DOWNEY Every April a new baseball season begins, cleaning the slate of last season, and giving all teams a new opportunity to accomplish something special: the World Series. However, the future can be brighter for certain teams rather than others.   This season’s […]

My College Tour to UCR

Perspectives from a Positively Stressed Senior By ANNIE DELGADO Your whole Senior year is committed to finding colleges, applying, getting scholarships, passing your current classes, and making decisions. Along with making all these decisions comes college tours. Over Spring Break, I was able to go on college tour […]

REV Spiritleaders Attend USA Nationals

By BELLA HANLON April 18 through 20 Redlands East Valley’s spiritleaders attended the United Spirit Association’s nationals in Anaheim, CA.   Cheer competed in the intermediate division. Stunt group, a select group of  cheerleaders, also completed in the intermediate division.   The mascots made it to finals and […]

REV Tennis Team Attends Tournament 

By AARON HILL ​The BNP Paribas Open at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden is the most attended tennis tournament,  besides the four Grand Slam tournaments, in the world.  Hundreds compete there every year, including the world’s top ranked tennis players.  This is largely because it is a Masters […]

Zoya’s Story Book Review

By LAYLA ABBAS​Zoya’s Story allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the harsh regulations/restrictions places like Afghanistan and Pakistan enforce on women. Zoya was a child during the USSR occupation which began in 1979 and lasted 10 years. Throughout this occupation, over 1 million Afghans died and […]

Column: The Right to be Free

Live To InspireBy LAYLA ABBASWe are incredibly lucky to live in a country where freedom is distributed among men and women. Men and women are allowed freedom to participate in the workforce, obtain an education, and make their own decisions.These simple aspects of life are not so simple […]

Citrus Valley seniors prepare for the future

By MADDIE CHUNG In order to graduate from California public high schools, students must pass a minimum set of required courses and an exit examination.  Upon the successful completion of these state and local school district requirements, a high school diploma is earned.  This official document certifies that […]

Race Depicts the Hero, Jessie Owens

By BRANDON SAGLAMRace is true story of Jesse Owens, played by Stephan James, who was a track and field athlete from Eastern Ohio, who made history in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The movie was directed by Stephen Hopkins who captured the character of Jesse Owens, accurately revealing the […]

High School Winter Sports Season Concludes

By RYAN ARANDA The 2015-16 high school winter sports season was filled with intense competition, incredible highlights. and unforgettable moments. Throughout the course of the season, long awaited league titles were earned by a few of Redlands East Valley’s teams, while Citrus Valley fought hard in just their […]

Fans Await 67th Formula 1 Season

By DAVID MIKHAILThe twentieth of March will mark the start of the 67th Formula 1 season.   The season will kick off in Melbourne with the Australian Grand Prix, which will feature Mercedes AMG Petronas as the defending World Constructor’s Champion. Mercedes will rely on their new, extremely […]

Kesha Fights Against Sony

By ALLY GZESHIn Oct. 2014, Kesha filed a lawsuit against her producer, Dr. Luke, for sexual assault, sexual harassment, emotional abuse, gender violence, battery, and violating California Business Practice Laws, that has occurred for over a decade. When Kesha started her singing career in 2005, she was still […]

RUSD Schools Hold District-Wide Event

By BELLA HANLONOn Friday, February 19th from 7-11 Redlands Unified School District’s high schools hosted Genesis at Splash Kingdom.  This event was not only a dance, but it also included other fun activities. There was jousting, a rock wall, mini golfing, basketball, video game trucks, henna tattoos, a […]

Wildcats host 2nd Annual Synergy

By ANNIE DELGADO On February 24 2016, REV’s link crew hosted it’s 2nd annual Synergy. Synergy is an event that allows people to connect emotionally and release any problems they have going on or have bottled up inside. Each link crew member gets to invite two people of their […]

Grease Comes to REV

By JONAS POGGIIn March, REV’s theatre department will begin production for Grease, REV’s first musical in five years. The play, Grease, was written in 1971 by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey. The play’s Broadway success lead to the famous 1978 movie adaptation, featuring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. […]