Trump vs. Pope Tensions Ignited

This past week, Pope Francis  made a comment stating that Donald Trump is not a true Christian, because he wants to build a giant wall. Trump’s immediate response was that the Pope should not be questioning someone’s Christianity.

One thing Trump ignored was the fact the Vatican actually has a wall around it. People such as the ETC News state the following, “The Pope should stay out of politics and not apply Christian logic to everyday problems.” I agree that not only should the Pope stay out of politics since he is a leader through religion, but also it is not even his country and he is getting into American politics.

Trump likes to view himself as the perfect candidate for Presidency and has said statements such as, “If  was President certain events would not have happened.” Trump also stated, “If ISIS gets the Pope, which is the group’s ultimate goal, he’ll wish I had been president because it wouldn’t have happened. ISIS would have been destroyed.”

Trump gets a lot of info about small events and news stories and has predicted events in the past, so he may be right about ISIS wanting to get into the Vatican. This can go even deeper, because Trump was not happy that The Pope was visiting “the enemy”. Because of this, Trump is not on a good foot with The Pope because The Pope is not seeing the true Mexico that Trump sees.

Trump knows that Mexico is ripping us off in trade and sees the illegal immigrants that harm our country. Whereas The Pope is shown only the good side of Mexico. Trump may be seeing this as a Dennis Rodman case. In conclusion, the Pope has no place to tell Trump what he is or is not and Trump has no place to make claims that ISIS will attack the Vatican.

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