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Column: Generosity of Others

Live to Inspire

As an AP Literature student, one of our assignments required us to complete a job shadow of our preference and the experience I had is one I will never forget.

I had the honor of job shadowing James Williams, the Editor-in-Chief of RCC Viewpoints, Sports Minded and writer for the Redlands Daily Facts and San Bernardino Sun. I was apprehensive to meet him for the first time and was not sure how the day would turn out.

Williams had a presence that was uplifting, genuine and gentle that made my nerves disappear in a matter of minutes. I had the privilege of seeing him in his normal work environment with his staff. The staff was busy creating an issue of RCC Viewpoints, but were willing to put time aside and offer me advice as an aspiring journalist.

He offered advice that I was able to take away and share with my peers. I was amazed at his generosity of helping me get out of my comfort zone and his curiosity about my writing experiences.

He did not hesitant to share with me the secrets of journalism and what he has learned over the years. I was only required to be there for two hours, but I found myself spending an extra 2 hours listening and learning from Williams.

One piece of advice in particular stood out to me. I told Williams, I was nervous to meet him and he said there is never a reason to be nervous. He proceeded to say we are all equal and one person is not inferior to the next. He has interviewed well known people and said he never gets nervous, because we are all the same.

I became that much more passionate for writing after listening to Williams and learning about his own passion and love for journalism. I became even more inspired to continue to write and spread my ideas.

I enjoy every aspect of writing and believe everyone has the potential to be a writer. Writing is powerful and brings people together. I am grateful to have had this opportunity with Williams and have gained a friend through the similar and powerful passion we both have for writing.

Like Williams said to me, “If you want something, go out and achieve it.” Never let anything stand in your way as you are capable of anything. This applies to everyone out there, and for any career.

Thank you Mr. Williams!

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