CV Teacher Feature: Mr. McGrath

Citrus Valley High School teacher Ken McGrath

Ken McGrath is one of the most liked teachers Citrus Valley has the honor of having. He cares a tremendous amount for his students and is a phenomenal teacher to have with his years of experience.

McGrath has been teaching for 16 years. McGrath has taught in Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Korea and California. McGrath attended high school in Santa Ana, CA and college in Florida Atlantic University, where he majored in english and minored  in history.

McGrath took ten years off of teaching, to run his own business. He enjoyed this experience, but sold it when he faced medical problems with his hands. After receiving accurate treatment he returned to teaching.

McGrath is involved in a multitude of activities at Citrus Valley. He teaches AP Literature, Expository Reading and Writing, and Survey of Academics which teaches 12 subjects.

When he is not busy teaching, he is an announcer for varsity softball and a spotter for varsity football. He is also the Gate coordinator, National Honor Society coordinator, and health coordinator for the district. To expand, he is also the fitness club and academic decathlon coach.

McGrath has always admired teachers. He knew that there was “much more to being a teacher than the subject matter.” McGrath believes teachers are mentors, psychologists, and good friends.

McGrath’s greatest achievement “is being a decent english teacher.” Teaching has taught McGrath how to be empathetic towards his students. McGrath enjoys how each day of teaching is different. “Students have different attitudes every day, different sense of humors, and they are very funny.”

McGrath’s student, Alyssa Ouillette enjoys “the passion [McGrath] has for his job, and how [McGrath] cares for his students and goes above and beyond in making sure each student succeeds in his class.”

Ayetzy Presa, enjoys how “McGrath always takes attendance by saying hello to every single student.” Presa is appreciative of McGrath because “he goes that extra mile for everything he does.”

McGrath stated, “I don’t know how people do not get along with kids [our] age, there is so much that is evidence that God exists and all those spiritual things.” “The ebullience that students engage life” truly brings him happiness.

McGrath stated that he feels younger when teaching his students and he feels he is doing something worth while.

“There is not another job in the entire world that I would rather have.”

When McGrath is not busy teaching he enjoys to run.  McGrath is running in the Orange County Marathon later in the year. He likes that you have to depend on yourself. He is married and has two children. He is a normal guy who “does his yard work.”

He is lucky to have papers to grade, “others frown upon those things but I  do not.” He gets a further, deeper glance at who we are and the matrices of our mind. Our choices always astounds him, and he sincerely loves teaching.

One thought on “CV Teacher Feature: Mr. McGrath

  1. Is the “Kenzie” of Santa Ana fame? Who knew my father well, “Clarence ‘Bud’ Neilson” of NYC?

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