The Compassion Experience 


The Compassion Experience is a unique and uplifting opportunity that allows people to experience the global poverty that children face all over the world.

This event is free, and great for a family to experience together. The exhibit travels to different areas over the weekends following specific dates, and features two different stories of children who have been detrimentally impacted by poverty. The Compassion Experience allows families to listen and walk through two different stories represented in a mobile bus that displays the real life conditions these children lived in.

This experience was recently held in Riverside, featuring two different stories. One of these stories was of a child named Kiwi, who went through an immense amount of poverty in the Philippines. All Kiwi wanted was to be given the opportunity to go to school, and she was able to gain this through her tremendous amount of support through her sponsor Edwin.

Jey was the child from the second story, who lived in a poor slum known as Nairobi, Kenya. Jey’s mother made all her money through selling drugs and moonshine. This eventually lead to a great deal of trouble, eventually leading Jey into a prison at just nine years of age. Eventually, he was able to escape the prison and gain support through a compassion center. This gave him the opportunity to graduate high school, and create a future with himself.

The Compassion Experience highlights the tremendous help that sponsoring brings upon to a child, and once the exhibit is over, there is an opportunity to sponsor children from all over the world.

The opportunity to sponsor a child at the end of the experience is truly inspiring to the families that walk through the compassion experience. Sponsoring these children can help them survive the poverty they live in, and give them the support they need to earn the education they deserve.

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