Blackhawks boys soccer advance to playoffs

The Citrus Valley High School boys soccer team has had one of their winningest seasons in school history. With a league record of 10-2-2, the team finished the season second in the Citrus Belt League, runner-up to Redlands East Valley. CV will be continuing on into playoffs, the first time in five years that the team has made playoffs. Hoping to win their first CIF championship in history, they began their postseason with a 3-0 win over Woodbridge High School on Feb. 17th. The team will face their next opponent, Norte Vista in the second round on Feb. 19th.

Captain Brandon Duarte, freshman Juan Zaragoza, and Terrell Boldware were interviewed before the game against Woodbridge.

Brandon Duarte
What is your greatest accomplishment this season?
“Making captain.”
What do you hope to achieve during playoffs?
“I hope to get past the first round, since Citrus has only been to the first round, and hopefully get further keep our name in the newspaper.”
How do you feel about your performance this season?
“I feel my performance is pretty constant. I like to keep my head up and discipline myself as much as I can to keep my teammates happy.”
How has your coach played a role in your team’s performance and your team’s current position?
“The coach (Lee Hartley) has played a role by just keeping the team on our one set goal to make CIF and that’s where we are now hoping to make that go further.”

Juan Zaragoza
How do feel about your team’s performance this season?
“Well this is our first time in five years we ever made it to CIF, and its great since last year we were near the bottom of the table compared this year being in the top ten out of the state.”
How do you feel about your performance this season?
“I am happy since I came out with six goals this season with there being really good forwards on the team, and I was proud to be one of the starters.”

Terrell Boldware
How do you feel about the season and your team’s performance?
“Well compared to last season we did really good being third to last last season, and this season coming off second place. It was a pretty strong season just disappointed that we lost to Redlands East Valley both times we played them but hopefully we will face them in CIF.”
How are you going to progress from the past to have more success this year in CIF Playoffs?
“Just what we lack is communication that’s all we need for CIF, just more communication and believing in each other.”

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