REV Tennis Supplies Stolen, Call for Ethics

At Redlands East Valley High School, the Boy’s and Girl’s Tennis team share a small utility shed.  This shed is stocked with the tennis balls and equipment that the teams use to practice and play matches with.  Many students even leave their personal racquets and supplies in this shed overnight.  However, nearly all of this was recently stolen.  The shed wasn’t robbed just once though, a few days after the first robbery the thief, or thieves, came back and robbed the utility shed a second time.  

It would appear a robbery of the building was not enough.  When the second theft came around, one of the windows was ripped clean off and tossed aside.  Phallic symbols were even drawn on the whiteboard that was left in the shed.  

Oddly, some of the stolen items were thrown aside into nearby trash cans, or found several yards away just tossed aside.  This robbery has left the tennis team with just enough to get by, although it has been made easier thanks to the generous donations of many parents.  

This isn’t the first time this tennis shed has been stolen from.  REV teacher and tennis coach Ed Stark stated that in just the three years he has been coaching the team, the shed has been stolen from several times.  

The question that needs to be asked: is this really what it has come to?  A small shed on a high school campus, that contains a fairly small amount of supplies being robbed.  Breaking the shed to get in, discarding some of the stolen goods nearby, and leaving immature symbols behind does not sound like the work of a hardened criminal.  Some of the members of the tennis team even believe that the thief may have been a student from one of the local high schools.
As a school, as a town, and as a  community we need to raise our level of ethics.  If you ever know anyone planning to rob anyone, or anywhere; inform authorities.   If you see someone robbing anyone, or anywhere; inform authorities.  If anyone ever tells you that they robbed anyone, or anywhere; inform authorities.  If you know or know of anyone, even somewhat related in a crime; inform authorities.  If you are involved in a crime, go and confess.  It is wrong to steal from others, or carry out any crime for that matter.  Always report crimes as soon as possible.  

 If you have any information about this crime, please contact Redlands East Valley High School Campus Security.   

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