First Results in for 2016 Presidential Election After Iowa Caucus

With the 2016 Presidential Campaign in full swing and elections fast approaching for everybody across the nation, many have been eager to see the first actual results of this election season.  Well, with the Iowa Caucus that took place on February 1 the world now has those first results.  

On the Republican side of things, the front runner is Ted Cruz who took 27.6% of the votes, with Donald Trump and Marco Rubio following not incredibly far behind at 24.3% and 23.1% of the vote.  Far behind these front three is Ben Carson at 9.3%, and even farther back is a large grouping of candidates ranging from 4.5% to 0.0% which includes names such as Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie among others.  

On the Democratic side we saw an extremely close race, with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in a neck and neck tie that was too close to call until the end.  However, Clinton barely pulled it out at 49.9% of the vote, just 0.6% ahead of Bernie Sander’s 49.3%.  Martin O’Malley pulled up the back of the Democratic results at 0.6%.  

However, because of how the Iowa Caucus functions, it truly matters how many delegates each candidate gets.  Ted Cruz got 8 of the 30 Republican votes, with Donald Trump and Marco Rubio each getting 7 of the remaining 22 delegates.  When it came to the 44 Democratic delegates, Sanders barely lost to Clinton’s 23 votes with his own 21.  

Controversy did storm on the Republican side of the Iowa Caucus, with many claiming that the victor Ted Cruz stole votes from fourth place candidate Ben Carson.  Ben Carson left Iowa on the night of the caucus to go see his wife in Florida, and “get a fresh change of clothes.”  However, Cruz campaigners allegedly twisted this in emails and a now deleted tweet to try and show that Cruz was backing out of the election, in an attempt to get people to vote for Cruz.  Donald Trump also took to criticizing Cruz for these actions, asking for a redo of the election. Carson called Cruz’s action “unethical” and a “dirty trick”, while Cruz dismissed the allegations as another of Donald Trump’s “trumper tantrums” because he lost the caucus.  

Low voting results caused a couple of candidates to actually call it quits for this campaign season.  Both Martin O’Malley and Mike Huckabee bowed out when they pulled in no delegates, and only 0.6% and 1.8% of the votes respectively.

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