Column: Three Words to Live By

Live to Inspire
Compassion. Respect. Love.

These three simple words are the most under appreciated concepts in today’s society. These three simple words are the most complex for people to understand. The world is acclimated to heinous crimes and witnessing people who release hate as much as they breathe. We as individuals must take these matters in our hands in order to finis the crimes. The simple equation we must enforce to end this begins with compassion.

Compassion. We must strive to live our lives with compassion every day. We must show compassion for others around us. Putting our basic needs aside and focusing on others. How can we unite the community and make everyone feel important and valued? To begin, one needs to view everyone as equal. Not one person is better than the next. Encouraging each other along the way is pivotal in ensuring a safer and more united community. Dismissing our hatred views and replacing that with a compassionate side is essential.

Respect. Respecting others around us is important. Dismissing others because of their religion, gender, sex, etc. is inhumane. Be kind to everyone you cross paths with in your lifetime. It is never too late to start being kind to others around you. Before judging other people, take the time to learn about them. Learn about other people’s needs, beliefs, hopes, and dreams before assuming they are a cynical individual. To assume someone is of bad nature only reflects your individual character.

Love. Love is strong, and love is always a stronger opponent than hate. With as much hate as we see in the world, people feel the need to spread more of it. We must not succumb to the evil forces of hate, overpowering it with acts of love is essential. If each person took the time to spread love in their daily lives, the world would be a place that people enjoy inhabiting.

It is never too late to change your way of living. If you are unhappy with the events that take place in the world we live in, vow to change it. One person has the power to eliminate hatred views and make the world a place of tranquility. It all starts with each person making differences in their own community.

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