DIY Valentine

Materials needed:
Jolly Ranchers
Lollipop sticks
Lollipop wrappers
Bowl of hot water

Place the Jolly Ranchers in the bowl of hot water. Only insert what you will use. Pictured is 7 Cherry Jolly Ranchers and 1 Green Apple, but I ended up using 9 Cherry and two Green Apple. If the water is too cool, you may microwave it for 30-60 seconds, or heat it over the stove until hot.

Put on your gloves, and grab a Jolly Rancher. It should be soft. If not, then let it sit in the bowl again. If it is soft, gently knead the Jolly rancher until it is flat. Unwrap it and knead it, placing in the bowl again if it hardens. Get a stick, and wrap the Jolly Rancher around it to make a petal. Repeat until your flower is big enough. Do the same process with the Green Apple, only make one side pointy.
The end result should look like the pictured.
Wrap it and share it with all of your loved ones

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