Crafton College Offers Courses to Local High Schools

Starting Jan. 25 Crafton Hills College will be offering dual enrollment classes for Redlands Unified School District students. These college-level classes will provide an opportunity for students to begin their college or career path early. The courses will be offered until June where participating students will successfully have earned transferable college credits.

The courses will be held at Citrus Valley, Redlands High School, and Redlands East Valley. Depending on what course you take determines where the class will be held. In total there is eight classes which include: Modern Dance, Music Theory, College Arabic, American Sign Language, Introduction to Engineering, Introduction to Fire Technology,  and Introduction to Sociology.

All courses are open to Redlands USD students only. Eligibility is based on a few requirements including the consent of a parent or guardian if student is under age 18, a demonstrated adequate preparation in the discipline to be studied, and a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher on high school transcripts.

These classes will provide an advanced scholastic opportunity for students seeking additional courses otherwise not available to them.

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