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Coloring Never Gets Old

For the Creative Soul
         You are never too old to color. There is nothing better to me than to sit down with a new coloring book and pack of colored pencils while listening to music. If you love to do that also I suggest you to try an adult coloring book. Adult coloring books have made a huge hit in stores recently. They are just coloring books but created and pushed in the direction of adults. The art is more detailed and in depth than childrens coloring books. Johanna Basford is a Scottish illustrator who created the wildly popular adult coloring books Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest from her own designs she created. Her books are on the list of top ten books bought on Amazon. Basford says that these books have made a huge hit with adults because one, it’s a way for people who normally have a hard time with drawing or painting to be creative, as Basford says “A blank sheet of paper or an empty canvas can be daunting, but a colouring book acts as a bit of a buffer in this situation.” Also, coloring is a lot easier than trying to fill a huge empty canvas or make a portrait picture and coloring calms people if they are stressed. It’s said that coloring is good for you, it’s a form of meditation.
You can find coloring books just about anywhere, and they can range from kittens to rock stars to animals and just plain old mandalas. These coloring books have even made a huge hit in other countries and have now been translated in 22 languages. There is a coloring book out there for everyone.

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