Column: Inspiration Is Everywhere


Live To Inspire

Many obstacles are thrown in our direction almost every day. The lesson that arises from difficult situations is how we bounce back from it. How do we accept what has happened and learn to move forward?

Inspiration lies all around us. Students that we pass everyday in the hallway have stories. Stories that can make you understand them more. Stories that give you goosebumps. Stories that help you understand why they act a certain way. Taking the time to learn about people is pivotal, and can offer encouragement and guidance to your own life.

​A student from Citrus Valley High School has a particular story that is extremely close to her heart and offers a guide to how she lives her life. This student experienced something most kids could not imagine. This student is inspirational in an abundance of ways. This student is Alana Moore.

Alana has never seen her mom healthy, because she has had a disease called lupus for all her life. When Alana was only 14, her mom tragically passed away from lupus, but more specifically multiple organ failures.

Alana pushes forward through her toughest days by knowing everyday is only 24 hours, which means tomorrow is a new day. Alana’s advice to people going through a tough situation is to never harbor their feelings. She encourages communication with friends, teachers, siblings, and parents. Alana also supports doing things you love and surrounding yourself with positive company.

Her biggest inspiration is her mother. “Even though she battled a serious illness, she always found a way to smile and push through.” This quality that her mother had amazed Alana. Alana’s mom always continued to be an outstanding parent to her.

In conclusion, Alana admits that high school has not been the best experience for her because she lost the most important role model in her life. But she continues to focus on the positive side of things and knows “better days and peace are always to come.”

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